-New ceramic friend to the Barr/Burk household

Julie…you ARE amazing!!!! If you’re not familiar with Julie’s work from around here in Seattle, here is a link to her blog/website/events. When I was first introduced to her work, I liked it but I didn’t completely get it at first. I knew I liked her and I truly liked the work but then…dun, dun, dun,…one day I couldn’t NOT have a piece! They grew on me like friends. Then I had to have another and another because I couldn’t have too many friends right? Then we really got to know Julie and what a heart looks like up close and walking around and I can’t get enough of everything she makes. Honestly though, even if she wasn’t a good friend I think I would be addicted. We’re bit of art hoarders. Nothing like Herb and Dorothy, mind you, but slight hoarders none the less. 😀 The best part of her work is that China can’t copy it. I’m sure they’ve tried like they’ve done to some of my other friends. What I’ve learned from Julie is, you can’t copy friends.

PS Notice the galaxy inside the middle mug. SO cool!

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