-The Watercolor Animation is done! Trapped in the Country is the title.

Yep…the dog raps.  Wait for it….

I took me 3 weeks full time (+) to do everything with a week of percolating thrown in.   Although it didn’t take me that long to paint the set, it did take me a long time in After Effects to build it.  I don’t have enough RAM to do things in real time.  It’s actually kind of funny…I can’t see anything when I edit.  Thankfully, the music plays at real time so I can kind of guess and then I go back in and tweak it.  It’s funnier when I’m not working on it.  😀  I figured out some more sound issues on this go round as well…yay?  lol.  Inside joke on that one.

Well here it is… I did all of the singing which is why the dog sounds a bit weird. When you lower the pitch on somebody’s voice, it can sound funky.

If you’re having issues with the Youtube version please try this alternate version:

Trapped in the Country from MK Barr on Vimeo.

Youtube link has the lyrics if you’re interested…

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