-The environment in art – the discussion at Cullom Gallery in the International District

What a nice time at The Cullom Gallery today. The art and hearing their process behind it was truly interesting

Shannon Durbin's artwork and her cupcakes
Shannon Durbin’s artwork and one of her cupcakes

. The cupcakes were awesome too! Made by Shannon Durbin herself.

Shannon Durbin’s piece from Putting Out Forest Fires from her website.

www.shannondurbin.com.  Shannon talked about the nostalgia of trying to get back to the trees she loves in the Northwest.  That constant striving.  She explains it much better but I understood it as how she misses that feeling of nature and trying to capture it.

Vaughn Bell’s Metropolis

I especially loved the work by Vaugn Bell .  You put your head inside the structure so you see the work as if you were a kid and smell the smells.  She also mentioned that humans have to take care of it which is also something to think about.  The thing that stuck with me the most is when she said that we see the mountain and its view until we’re on it.  Then we can’t see it anymore, we’re part of the landscape.  She also mentioned another piece that she did where she put Mt. Rainier on a leash and walked it around.  Yay!

Mugi Takei’s work taken from her blog at http://mugidrawings.blogspot.com/

Mugi Takei talked about how evey time she went to visit her parents in Japan, one of their trees died.  She felt like she was toxic to them.  I feel like her work is truly about an exploration of her connection with nature.  I have great respect for her and her work.  It strikes you in the gut.  Beth Cullom, the owner of the gallery, honored her and her work completely which also made me love the gallery even more.

My cupcakes  :D
My cupcakes 😀

What a great afternoon AND we got cupcakes that were super yummy!


  1. Oh, MK! I am such a dunce. I didn’t realize that your FB comment linked to this great write up of the talk here. Thank you so much for being a part of that afternoon. It was a good conversation, truly. I hope to host more in the future. Many thanks. Beth Cullom

    • I’m glad you liked it and no problem about the other post. I look forward to your next event, it was truly well done and thanks for having them!

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