-Jan & Hotel on the corner of Bitter & Sweet accidental encounter

Last year we suggested to some bff’s that we go to the Panama Hotel Tea Room for wagashi (I think it’s called that) and the owner of the hotel and tea room came up and introduced herself.  I’m sure you guessed that it was actually Jan.  She asked if we were there about the book but we had no idea what she was talking about.  Maybe because Mary is and looks like a writer?  😀

Snap to this past weekend and my best friend asked if I had heard of this book called Hotel on the corner of Bitter & Sweet and I told her no.  She described the premise and both Frank and I said, “Panama Hotel!”  She said yeah and we’re like we met the owner and her name was Pam or something like that.  She told us no and that it was Jan in the book.  We then realized it was a fiction book based on the owner.  So cool!  Here are pictures of our first meeting and yes, this is for you Nini…

Sorry, I didn’t take any of the actual rooms at the hotel. I know Mary’s husband G did so I’ll try and see if he’ll post a couple.  In the meantime, here is a link to the hotel’s website with a couple pictures of the room.

The double beds from the Panama Hotel website.

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