-What to do with all of those nostalgic, vintage t-shirts?

I didn’t make up this concept but I’m happily surprised how cute it turned out. I bought the quilt at our Goodwill for $7.  Granted, we have a REALLY good Goodwill.  I liked this particular blanket because it had a lot of body and I could sew on the t-shirts without going through to the other side.  If you don’t have a good, Goodwill, maybe from TJ Max or something?  The only reason I like this better than just blocking out the shirts, is that I can add as many as I want later on.

Some of them are funny, like the “Squeeze” sweatshirt logo that accentuates someone’s chest subtly.  Those dorks…So subtle in fact, I only noticed after I sewed it on. ha ha ha ha..  I didn’t do a close-up so you’ll have to see it from the big pic.  Some of them are extremely well done, like the Scubaventures from Santa Cruz, CA.  These are from the late 80’s and have faded a ton.  When they were in their original state, there wasn’t anything like them.  Have fun if you’re into this kind of thing!

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