-University Street Fair – It’s that time again…yay!

We went to the fair since Frank designed and fabricated supports to help Dave raise the height his booth and support it well. I wanted to check it out. There is a pic in there of Dave & Charlie and the supports over their head. 😀

It was fun this year.  The booths were very diverse.  We couldn’t decide if that was good or bad.  Psychics, high-end paintings, metal art, beads from India and other random things.  People seemed to be buying though.

They had a section with all community causes which was hilarious.  They had an Atheist tent smack dab next to a Jewish Christians(?) tent and they were trying to talk louder than each other but in a very nice way.  There was a sweet PAWS tent there too.

In honor of Arrested Development being back on television, this next part is for people who watch that show.  I blew a whole bunch of Cadets! ha ha ha  (there has to be a better way to say that)…I actually bought some bubbles at the Dollar Tree and had some fun blowing some at them .  You can really tell what kind of mood people are in when bubbles get all up in their space.  The cadets were laughing.  😀  Some of the other people at the fair, some laughed, some didn’t.  Frank asked if I was causing trouble and this woman stuck up for me and said I was causing fun.  Hugs to her.

Cadets…you can kind of see some of the bubbles at the bottom.  I had to take the pic really fast and most of the bubbles had already popped.

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