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Earthly Wonder

-Seattle’s crazy talent everywhere and at The Blue Moon on a Thursday night

I’m always amazed, and I’m not sure why anymore, at the talent here in Seattle.  I’m sure it’s that way in every big city but Seattle really feels like a small town with huge talent lurking around every corner.  I see it in the art, the music, the dance, the comedy/improv…just everywhere.

Don Hutton let us use some of his band’s music in the movie and I never got sick of listening to it…  “The book I dreamed I Read” here on  He took a class at Shoreline community college and as part of the class they have a funk band that performs many times around Seattle.  We got to see the Blue Moon version and it was truly great.  I love how supportive of each other and so incredibly talented everyone was.

I have video and I apologize, I swear I wasn’t drinking. I must have been enjoying the music? Just listen a bit, don’t watch.

Here is wikipedia’s version of The Blue Moon’s lengthy and literary history…


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