MK Barr Journal

Earthly Wonder

-Marra Farms, artwork & blissful city living

We’ve tried to find this space before.  They had an art piece at the entrance that was part of 4 Culture which is how we found out about it.  We came in from the back and didn’t see the art so we decided to walk around it and check it out.  I asked a gentleman that worked there if he had seen the glass and metal sculpture and he said he only knew about kids painting on a shed.  We loved the space since it smelled wonderful and was very, very loved.  We got to the other entrance which turned out to be the main entrance and it had the giant sculpture there.  This cracks me up because I’m pretty sure that guy has probably driven past the sculpture and had never “seen” it.  It just didn’t register on his radar which isn’t a bad thing, just funny.

Also, at a certain point, the pictures turn blueish which is both our mistakes.  Mine, because I was learning the camera and messed with the setting and then didn’t check the camera after Frank gave it back to me and Frank’s because he didn’t change the setting back to what I had.  Bleh….ruined shots from then on and we went to another park.  I could fix them but I’m lazy AND whiny.  ha ha ha ha.

Great concept and wonderful execution…

And now it gets a little blue….


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