-Again, a well thought out interior… AIA Home Tour

I love clean and modern and it is absolutely in style right now, but I do think there is a softness lacking in this particular design.  Although from certain angles, I adored the outside.

Frank and I were discussing how he thought it just needed some color and/or art and I was wondering that if it needs art, then is it done right?  For example, is it good architecture if it needs a tree to “fill it in”?   We both really never came up with an answer but we both agreed that there were some extremely well thought out plan design.

We couldn’t take pics inside again so I took some pics of the builder’s card so I could kind of explain.  Here is a link to the magazine article as well:   http://www.nwhomemag.com/article/free/mod-mastery

The children’s wing is probably perfect.  Also, the entry closet is actually a walk-in with a bench (I think…I might have made that up) so everyone could store all of their active gear and then shut it when not in use.  This was probably my favorite part since a separate mud room never really made sense to me.  There was also a semi-workout room as part of the bedroom which again proves it was an active couple.  We didn’t quite understand why the sliding door was half covered with siding though.  Future balcony?  The separate entrance to the office was  perfect as well and I quite coveted it.  I could actually get pics of this because it was outside.

And now we end with a “moment of calm” 😉

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