-What does a competition shooting range look like? Well, I’ll show you.

Frank goes to this range in Bothell.  I grew up in the city so I’m not super in love with guns.  They don’t scare me but I just don’t gravitate towards them.  Frank grew up with them since he was a weeeee child.  His Dad grew up during the Depression and survived off of what he caught so it made sense that he wanted Frank to know how to do that too.  I think it’s also a father/son thing.

ANYhoooooo….  Frank asked me to go along and I was surprised at what a genteel, sweet place it was!  The other people shooting were unbelievably nice too.  Here are some pics of the range.  I also took some of the archery range while no one was on it.  I wish I could ignore signs that say “members only”  because I would have LOVED some action pics of that!



  1. Marybeth – for the last 2 years I have judged the costumes at a Single Action Shooting Society match in Renton at a shooting range – you could come and take photos with me if you want… it’s in early August. I will try to remember to ask you if you want to come next year. You could get shooting range photos and silly costume photos in one shot

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