MK Barr Journal

Earthly Wonder

-Dear Big Ad Marketing, I’m sorry but we’re over for good…

I’m writing you this letter because you don’t seem to get the message. I understand why you think I’m still into you. I was SO in love with you when I was young. I would have done anything for you and believed you wholeheartedly. But you dropped me… When I was most vulnerable too! I was in my late 20’s (you probably don’t even remember) and you completely dropped me. It was as if you didn’t even know I was there. Now you want me back?!!! I don’t think so!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter. I just see you from a distance, as an amused friend and hopeful you don’t take advantage of others. I have to admit that I love the AT&T commercials with your adorable kids letting us know what cute and sweet looks like again.
I will never use AT&T though, since they have been hitting on my parents while screwing around on them…just telling them what they want to hear. You really are a douche sometimes Big Ad.

I do tap my feet or sing along with the songs that remind me of growing up and when I was actually into you. Nostalgia won’t work the way you want it to though…I just remember the good times and you’re not really there.

Best of luck Marketing and yes, we’re still friends, but we ain’t close friends.

MK Barr

PS I’m dating your indie ad brother with his artists and documentaries…he’s usually honest and doing his best. Sorry!


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