-Gardens, a priest & a contemporary church that is loved…

No, not a joke.  🙂   I have a brochure that mentioned there was a Native American garden at Seattle University so we decided to check it out.  We’d never really explored their campus, we just had checked out some perimeter buildings.  What a wonderful day.

We started out taking pictures of St. Ignatius which is having its 10 year anniversary this year.  It really has held up fabulously well.  It seemed like the parishioners loved this building which sort of surprised me since it is far from traditional.   Here is a link to the architect’s page: http://stevenholl.com/project-detail.php?id=40

Then we THINK we saw the garden we came for?  Not sure.  They had some lovely gardens around campus regardless.


Then the truly wonderful time…we came across this retrospective of a photographer on contemporary art that happened to be a priest (yes, a Jesuit). 

IMG_3111 IMG_3108

I was embracing that he took happy pictures of Native Americans.  I can’t tell you how starved I am for that.  He has been doing calenders for a couple of tribes for around 20 years and has been in National Geographic as well.  Just go look at his website to get more info.  http://magisproductions.org/  He was so kind and open and we talked for about an hour.   He also forgave that I haven’t been practicing for a long time.  Thank you Father Don Doll!  Isn’t that a great name?

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