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Not sure whether to laugh really hard or cry…

Yesterday, Frank and I went to a meeting in Pioneer Square about the difference between copyrights and trademarks. It was a wonderful and informative presentation but that really wasn’t what brought out great emotions from me. One of the audience members started laughing and we were all joking around. She then said, and I’m not sure how it got prompted, that some boss in Seattle almost didn’t hire her because she was too happy in the interview. ???? What????

I have had some posts about this in the past with my inner circle but now I want to ask the greater blogland…wtf? I happily asked her if the employer thought she was on drugs or perhaps “simple”? She laughed it off too. She also mentioned she didn’t stay with that job long. No surprise there.

This was an obviously smart, quick-witted person that seemed well grounded and she almost didn’t get hired because she wasn’t miserable. YIKES!!!

Ok…rant over. I wasn’t happy for a minute there so I better go out and see if I can get hired for a corporate job. lol!

PS. This was the cool building the meeting was at…

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