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Too good not to have an official post…

Original Facebook thread goes like this:

“We were watching something that mentioned a fever of stingrays and I asked Frank what a gathering of Seattlites would be and he said cloud. I love it! Then I asked about Chicago and finally he came up with gust. A cloud of Seattlites met for coffee before they met with the gust of Chicagoans at the new meetup group. Lol!”

We have had a LOT of additions to this list so I’ll try to keep it organized and give credit when I can:

Random groups of people:

  • Teenagers – an indifference (Sarah Bennett and STILL cracks me up)

Major Cities:

  • Austin – A Slackery (Keith Curtis) Another suggestion is A Ripple by Rob
  • Chicago – A Gust (Frank Burk)
  • Los Angeles – A Botox (me)
  • Las Vegas – A Strip (Rob Frazier)  I also suggested A Neon
  • Nashville – A Chord (Megan Barr – added 9/9/14) 😀 This one is just right…
  • New York – An Argument (me)
  • San Francisco – A Rainbow (me)
  • Seattle – A Cloud (Frank Burk)
  • Washington DC – A Lie (Rob Frazier) 😀


  • Florida – A Thong Grove (Me…sorry Cat, had to keep thong in there) Other suggestions: a theme park (me), an Orange Grove (me), A Raft (Frank), A Night Club (me), A Retirement, (me), A Wave (Karen Barr)
  • California – A Gram (Rob Frazier), A Trail Mix (me), A Granola (me)
  • Minnesota – A Politeness (Sarah Bennett’s co-worker and this is awwwweeeesome)
  • New Hamphshire – A Flurry (Kris Graham – added 9/9/14)
  • Texas – A Holster (Megan Barr)
  • Vermont – A Drift (lol!  Kris Graham – added 9/9/14)

Let’s keep this list going!  I love stereotypes when they’re harmless but funny.


2 comments on “Too good not to have an official post…

  1. meganbarr
    September 9, 2014

    Nashville – A chord!

    • MK Barr
      September 9, 2014

      PERFECT!!!!!!! Adding right now

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