Holy cow, this makes me happy! Karen Buhler totally rocks!!!!

This is kind of a warped story….  I fell in love with a piece of glass art (apparently from a garden show at Pratt) around 1999.  I saw a brochure with the piece on the cover in 2001 and couldn’t afford it again but sincerely loved it, so kept the brochure.

Pratt Fine Arts brochure 2001 of Karen Buhler's work
Pratt brochure from 2001. This was from a year or 2 after I had already seen it.

I kept asking at a gallery that carried her work but they never had seen her do that type of work.  A couple  of years ago, Frank makes friends with the artist on Facebook and then suggests we be friends.  I’m too shy to ask about her work for about 6 months and then one day I just go for it and ask her if she still does that work.  She says no but she might have some of those from that time.  She digs around and then sends me a pic of the 3 she has left and the one I want(ed) is IN THE PIC!!!

Karen Buhler's Air Mattress Collection made from torched glass
Karen Buhler’s Air Mattress Collection made from torched glass. Mine is called “Air Mattress Moderne” 😀

She agrees to let me make payments (which isn’t very cool of me to ask but the only way I could afford to buy it) and I just picked it up!

Karen showing me the piece at Elysian Brewery on Capitol Hill. Great atmosphere by the way. Such a fun spot!

We had a lovely conversation for a couple of hours and it turns out we know a lot of the same people and I think I have a new friend.  What a sweetie and bonus, it’s exactly the way I remembered it and it didn’t shrink!  I completely thought it would shrink.  lol.

Here it is until I hang it in an earthquake-proof manner.

picture 1
Karen Buhler’s “Air Mattress Moderne” at my house on a table that is super hard to clean. Don’t you judge me!

Still can’t believe I get to see it everyday.  SO freaking cool in person.  Can you tell I’m pretty excited?  She does amazing other work too…here is her website if you’re interested:   http://www.karenbuhlerglass.com/


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