I am proud to announce the release of the Kahokia pilot!

I am so overjoyed to have this out of the box.  I sincerely enjoyed the research and showing off the amazing Mississippian culture.  This is my attempt at showing the indigenous peoples of the Americas as the amazing, HUGE and wonderful civilization it was!

This is a historical fiction of the culture during the Super Nova of 1054 (that lasted 2 years) and the different reactions to it. The plan is pretty darn accurate even with the areas that the archaeologists tried to hide.  😀

The official website is http://www.Kahokia.org and here is a direct link to the video.  It’s about 10 minutes long.  Thank you to Jessie, Marc & Frank for such a great time doing the voices!

Kahokia and the Awakening of Awe from MK Barr on Vimeo.


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