Mr. Japanese! Loved this exhibition and went twice.

I went to see it by myself thinking Frank wouldn’t like it. I then showed him pics and explained it and I went back with him the next day.

If you have watched anime at all, you’ll get a kick out of his video, Nobody Dies. He takes real, live girls and portrays them the way an anime would. It has plenty of awkward pauses over their girl parts (which is even MORE creepy when they’re real girls) and they over-act their emotions regarding an overblown, air-pellet, gun fight. It’s funny and unsettling.

The serious portion is when one first walks in to a room filled with Japanese “stuff”. Mr. Japanese takes many commercialized products left from the tsunami site and then artfully immersed the viewer in the damaged items. This is sad but thoughtful as well.

It’s only up until April 4th so get there if you can. They allow photography except for one painting that is marked.

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