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Kahokia Episode 2 is OUT!!! Yay!

The light is sent from the Falcon Constellation to the Moon Owl Goddess. This is a little over a minute

I did this for Seattle Minute Movies and I’m going to give you three options to watch it.

  1. Just the animation
  2. Just the hologram that you have to use with a projector (Learn how to make one here from an old CD case. FYI, the projector I use and filmed with is about 12-15 inches across the top. If you want to make that projector, you have to scale up the phone version.)
  3. Animation + hologram overlay on top. The hologram is kind of tiny since I couldn’t figure out how to show both at the same time without that being the case.
  • Just the Animation

Ep. 2-Kahokia = Festivals & Fire from MK Barr on Vimeo.


  • Just the Hologram (remember to turn off sound if you have a projector and are watching it with the full animation).


Kahokia-ep. 2 Hologram

  • Animation + Hologram Overlay

Kahokia (Episode 2) with hologram overlay from MK Barr on Vimeo.

If you’re ever near Collinsville, Illinois, check out this wonderful World UNESCO Heritage Site.



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