PT Cruiser camper? Yep.

I didn’t think it was possible that Frank, who is 6′-1″ tall, could sleep comfortably inside the PT Cruiser but he can! We tried it on a tiny overnight trip and it completely worked. The only issue is there is the front seat divider being between our heads. A small price to pay so this city girl doesn’t worry about spiders and bears. 🙂

Frank had to make some wood panels before we got started. One was to even out the seat links. Sorry, no pictures. The links are set inside a divot on the floor boards. He also cut a board that fits around the front seat dividers that we would pull forward towards the seats (that were also pulled forward)so we could rest our heads. We didn’t have this for our trip but for the next one, Frank bought foam to be even with the next part:

screenshot-www ikea com 2016-03-10 10-22-39

Our mattress: The Ikea Slummer (kind of a crappy name, don’t you think?)

If you notice, it’s extendable so it fit perfect in the bed portion of the PT cruiser using only one of the extenders. I can not tell how cozy this was!!! Frank loved it (and so did I) and we had the best time.  We plan on trying a yurt in Oregon sometime soon and we’ll let you know. If you’ve tried a yurt, feel free to recommend or dis. 🙂

The last thing we’re going to do is put screens on the window for when it gets really hot. Frank found that tip along with the put boards in the back tip, on an Australian blog. Thank you whoever you are!!!

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