Round 2 of Monet’s Escapes – “Escape Monet’s Bedroom”

This one took me a LOT less time, I started a week or so after the last one was posted as a final (a month and a half?). I used the last game as a template, but I still had to build the bedroom from scratch. I reused a few things that I modified, like the desk and fireplace, but the rest was from scratch.

There was just a show, that I think is traveling around right now, by Musée d’Orsay which did a ton of research on the private collection of Monet. I mention this in the write up of the game on the playstore, but they lost his inventory list during World War II, so they had to track most of it down from letters they had, what his son still owned, and by tracking down, known dealer’s info.

I took that list along with the photographs I have from its current state and re-created it to what I thought it would look like. It was fun for me actually, I really enjoyed that part. I also think he would have had something really similar ,since I’ve already built what is known about the first floor for the first game, I feel I have a good handle on how he designed.

I made this one as an introduction to the other game, so it’s free. Android only at this time, but I’ll update if I can get it onto Apple. Have no idea how to begin on that front, but we’ll see. 🙂


His bedroom and bath are on the upper left of this pic I did, of the model I made in Unity. It’s the first 3 windows on the second floor. It originally was part of a horse barn that he remodeled to make his bedroom and his and Alice’s bathing room.

Above are pics of the hallway into the bedroom, a key detail and the first page of the journal. Again, if you have Android, it’s free 🙂



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