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James Taylor – furniture artist

I’ve been setting up the Recycled Art Show for a few years now (I think 4 but maybe 5?…they all blend) and this past year James Taylor ran it. He … Continue reading

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The 2015 Recycled Art Show – now by Ballard Reuse

The Recycled Art Show was (is…it’s still up until next month) a little different this year.  The Ballard architectural salvage store was bought out by a couple of the employees … Continue reading

April 13, 2015 · 4 Comments

Recycled Art Show by the ReStore – 2014

I’m adding the full gallery since people like to look at the art and get ideas. It really is worth seeing in person though! I have to show off Frank’s … Continue reading

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-Field Trip – Recycled Art Show

Field Trip – Recycled Art Show. via Field Trip – Recycled Art Show. This is a follow up to the Recycled Art Show.  Heidi Favour, which did the Sticks and … Continue reading

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-The Restore’s Recycled Art Show – 2013 – The pre-installation and installation

Here is some pictures of the set up and the installation. It was SUPER crowded this year. The whole gallery was brimming with people which is hard to do…it’s a … Continue reading

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-An easy going time at the 2013 Recycled Art Show

April 13th, THIS SATURDAY  6-9 pm Blowing Sands Glass Gallery 5805 14th Ave NW, Seattle, WA It’s that time of year again. I’ve set up the show for the past … Continue reading

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