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How to sell your art? “RECORD OF AN ARTIST’S EXPERIMENT” by Charles Campbell from the 50’s(ish)

"no beret, no beard, no trick costume, no arty talk and no crude publicity blowups based on everything except the artist's merit as an artist"

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-Pyramids were definitely painted, how do you see them?

They have known for years that the pyramids were actually painted in bright colors.  I think most people see them as subtle and stand for quiet elegance.  So wrong… I … Continue reading

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-Working on a new hand-drawn music video – should be done next week

I started this a couple of weeks ago and I’m going to be doing the music today and tomorrow.  Here some pics of the background shots for the video.  I’ll … Continue reading

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-The blue trees at Westlake in Seattle

Frank and I were taking a walk around downtown which we love to do.  We made some friends one day.  There is another location in the Bothel area that has … Continue reading

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-Easter egg that I didn’t have to hunt…

One of my best friends whom I adore, and not just because she sends awesome gifts, sent me this little gift.  The chocolate didn’t last long…again.  Also, the strange “bunny” … Continue reading

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